Frequently Asked Questions

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In order to determine the most suitable Weld Feeder model, we need:

- a description or drawing of the pieces to be fed,

- the specific dimensions,

- photos, if possible.

In addition to the dimensions and image of the piece, we also require the following information:

  • the number of pieces to be oriented and the final output positio

  • the rate (in pieces per second, minute, or hour) at which the pieces will be welded or assembled by your system

  • the load autonomy, expressed in kg, or as the number of pieces to be introduced into the system

  • the necessary accessories for the electric and pneumatic control, loading hopper, etc.

For an initial evaluation, we almost never require samples, but providing us with just a couple of them will facilitate the analysis. If an order is to be made, however, the quantity required for the construction and testing of the system is approximately that of the final autonomy requested.

Once the preliminary data and, if necessary, the pieces have been received, the quotation can be provided within 3 days on average.

The delivery times vary depending on the Weld Feeder model selected and its final composition. Indicatively, once the order has been received, we will deliver the 3D designs within 10 days, followed by final delivery in 6 to 8 weeks.

The Manuals and the Declaration of Incorporation, as per the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, in both Italian or English. The final test report with photos and videos of the completed system (with automated tests, rate simulation, and conveying of the piece).

The Weld Feeder brand is owned by Gasco group Srl, which has been manufacturing feeding systems for over 30 years. In addition to those established by Italian and European law, our best guarantee is our Know-how, which is recognised by major manufacturers and users of specialised automated machinery and Robot integrators. All of the system components are coded and designed, and can be available in stock in just a few days time.

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