Need to weld or apply screws, nuts, or bushings on your line?

Would you like to have a simple, reliable and productive vibrating feeder?

The WELD FEEDER is the solution you’ve been looking for

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The WELD-FEEDER is an automatic loading system with a vibrating feeder that’s designed to be interfaced with automated welding, screw application, and assembly islands.

These lines require considerable investments, and are typically used to meet the needs of highly demanding customers and end users with a single common goal:

GOOD productivity/NO downtime.

The vibrating feeders normally utilised don’t always offer the best performance and reliability, as they don’t take into account the specific characteristics of the sector or the products they’re required to handle.

It’s the same difference that a customer will encounter when purchasing a suit from a large clothing chain, as opposed to having one made to measure by a qualified tailor.

Based on these premises, we have developed 3 solutions dedicated to each specific category:

– The Weld-Feeder N Series for Nuts
– The Weld-Feeder B Series for Bushings
– The Weld-Feeder S Series for Screws

  1. Bushings

2. Buts

3. Screws

These systems were obtained through careful analysis, meticulous design, and repetitive testing, with continuous feedback from our customers.

Today, with an average production rate of 50 Weld-feeder systems per year, we can affirm that our systems guarantee 100% reliability.

Why to choose Weld Feeder:

The components to be welded/applied/assembled (nuts, bushings and screws) are oriented, singulated, and pneumatically conveyed to the insertion nozzle via a dedicated and specifically-shaped Rilsan tube. After positioning the component, the nozzle is already ready for the next operation.

  • All of the components are designed in 3D, coded, and traceable, even years down the road
  • High degree of system standardisation
  • System repeatability, with delivery in 6 to 8 weeks
  • 100% conveying system reliability, as attested by hundreds of units in operation around the world
  • Large warehouse of spare parts and Rilsan tubes, with rectangular and round cross-sections, specifically shaped to the piece
  • Use of error-proof PoKa-yoke systems to ensure the proper positioning of the piece within the loading nozzle
  • Use of Festo/Smc pneumatics and Balluff sensors
  • Guaranteed arrival for lengths of up to 30 metres
  • Single or multi-directional pneumatic conveying systems, with Rilsan tubes
  • Suitable for use in countries with 230/50 – 60hz and 110/60hz power grids, with appropriate controllers.

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We have the answers you’re looking for

Based on the piece to be handled, its dimensions, and the production requirements, we’ll help you choose the solution that best meets your needs.

Are you looking for conveying systems, and want to find a solution
that’s specifically designed for your pieces?

Are you looking for conveying systems, and want to find a solution that’s specifically designed for your pieces?